Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do you hold sessions? Are you in-person or online?

A. My preference is a hybrid model, where we utilize a mixture of in person and virtual coaching sessions. What will really determine this though is the needs of the client. Options are virtual meetings, meeting in my private gym, or an in-home visit. In-person meetings will of course depend on location. I am physically located in Cumming, Ga a couple miles off of 400, exit 13.

Q. How often do you and a client meet?

A. As with a lot of things, that really depends on the needs of the client. One client may need a bi-weekly virtual check-in, another may need to meet in person 3 times a week for supervised personal training. 

Q. Can you make meal plans?

A. As a certified Nutritionist I can not make meal plans. I can teach general information regarding healthy nutrition and make recommendations on calorie intake and macro makeup of your meals. I can recommend you to registered dietician if necessary. One of the biggest services I can offer where nutrition is concerned is to help you make lifestyle changes and develop commitment strategies to eating better.

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